About Me

I’ve always had a love of stories.

As a child, I could lose myself for days in a good book. Later, I entertained the notion I might write stories someday, and filled notebook upon notebook with my own tales.

As an adult, I went a different direction and went to law school, where I pursued work in international human rights. And yet even there, I found that stories were magic. Stories hold power, stories are what remains long after we are gone. People want their stories told.

When my husband and I settled down and started our family in California, I left my work in human rights and dusted off my camera. I started to take pictures of my daughter, and I soon found that photography was one more way I could tell a story. The story of who we are, the story of my daughter’s childhood.

The stories of us are told in the little details: the wind blowing in my little girl’s impossibly blonde hair on a warm summer’s day, the way her little fingers clutch the back of her daddy’s neck when he holds her. This is what I strive for when I photograph families. It is my mission to help you tell your story, a story you will pass along to your children to cherish long after these moments become just memories.