San Diego Film Photography Studio

I am so excited to announce the opening of my new San Diego photography studio! It is located in Downtown San Diego, in an amazing historical building.  Opening a studio was NOT in my plans when I started the summer, but I am a big believer in seizing the opportunities that come my way, and I have big dreams for my little studio! I am so excited for all the magic that is going to be created there! The studio officially opens for bookings September 1, but I wanted to share a little about my vision and goals for the space!

My studio is a tiny but mighty space, with high ceilings and AMAZING windows. The light! It’s complete magic. Me being me, the vision is COLORFUL, but still clean and modern. This isn’t a typical neutral studio with white walls and tan accents. Fun rugs, colorful backdrop options – if you like injecting a little fun into your family sessions, this studio space is for you. Studio sessions will be a little shorter than my full family lifestyle sessions, so if a regular session is too long, a studio session is a great option!

The option I am MOST excited about, however, is the portrait sessions I will be offering for kids and teens. I LOVE creating fun setups, so the sky’s the limit. Or, if you want something simple, I have seamless paper rolls in tons of colors. Bespoke studio sessions allow you the opportunity to have a completely one of a kind photoshoot for your child or teen.

I will from time to time offer fun pop-up sessions, so go here to subscribe to my e-mail list and make sure you’re the first to know about upcoming events!

For a fun example of studio sessions, here are my daughter’s retro birthday photos! We had a blast creating this little setup and picking out the outfits, and she brought the sass when I asked!



San Diego film photography


San Diego Photography Studio










San Diego Photography Studio


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