Tips for a Meaningful Maternity Photography Session


Pregnancy is a confusing, beautiful, raw, magical time in your life. Your journey to motherhood is unique to you and you alone, and it is a time worth documenting in an honest, powerful way. My approach to maternity photography is one of connection. I want your session to be easy, comfortable, and full of quiet moments celebrating you and the new life you are creating. For the most memorable, meaningful session, consider these tips:

1. Timing Your Shoot

I recommend scheduling your session for between 28 and 32 weeks of pregnancy. This is when you have an adorable baby bump, but you’re still comfortable moving and posing. If you are expecting multiples, you may want to schedule a bit earlier.

2. Styling Your Bump

The clothing you choose has a huge impact on the feel of the photos you receive. While traditional maternity wear is often stretchy and form-fitting, my favorite style for maternity photography is long, flowing, textured dresses. Not only are flowing, layered dresses more forgiving and comfortable, they also add a dreamy, romantic feel to your session. Details and layers can provide interest and movement in your photos, giving them that wow factor that you will cherish for years to come. To make choosing your wardrobe easier, I offer all my clients free access to my client closet of personally curated dresses.

3. Pamper Yourself

Let’s face it, being pregnant isn’t always glamorous. You may not be feeling like a glowing goddess, but I promise, you truly are! Consider having your hair and makeup professionally done, have a spa day, and just relax prior to your session. I want your session to be effortless, and hiring someone for hair and makeup will ensure that all you have to do is show up! I highly recommend leaving your hair down for the most impact in your photos.

4. Location, Location, Location

Besides wardrobe, few things impact the feel of your photos quite like the location you choose. If you ask me, I will always suggest the beach. There is nothing more magical than windswept hair and ocean waves. I love dramatic light and big skies, so I will always recommend choosing wide open spaces such as beaches, the desert, and golden fields. Consider a location that is meaningful to you, or is one you connect with.

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