Temecula Family Photographer – At Home with the R Family

This special family is very dear to me, as we have been friends for a long time and have girls who are the same age. It’s been such an honor to be invited to document their lives as our kiddos have grown up.

It’s been a fun tradition to do yearly pictures together, but this year when the time came, Covid-19 had tipped the world upside down. As stressful as this time has been, I believe it has absolutely been worth documenting it for our kids, so I proposed a Day in the Life Session. No dragging the kids out, no worrying about what would be open. Just photos in their home, in this moment in their lives.

Someday, I hope our kids have forgotten what it was like sheltering in our homes for months on end. But I hope if they remember anything, it will be that they were surrounded by love. The R family may grow up and leave this home someday, but I hope their girls remember just a little of the magic of a big girl bed with the Frozen comforter, or the feeling when Mom snuggled up close.

Hi, I’m Amy.

I’m a photographer in the beautiful Temecula Valley, California. I’ve loved telling stories since I was a little girl, and now I tell them through my lens. I love to capture the moments of your life, before they become just memories. Your tiny moments tell your story, and it is my mission to find the extraordinary in the most ordinary of days.