5 Reasons to Consider a Lifestyle Newborn Session

When you think of newborn photography, you probably immediately think of sweet babies bundled up in colorful wraps wearing adorable little hats. This traditional approach, known as posed newborn photography, is a beautiful art that requires an abundance of skill and patience! But did you know there is another way? I practice a style called lifestyle newborn photography, which ditches the traditional poses and props in favor of a more natural, organic approach. There is room for BOTH styles, and neither is better than the other! But which one is right for you and your family? Here are a few reasons you might want to consider taking the lifestyle approach!

1. It’s all about your new family.

With posed newborn photography, the session is mostly if not entirely focused on the baby. While you might incorporate mom, dad, or siblings for a couple of pictures, the emphasis is on the baby. With lifestyle newborn photography, we get shots of the baby alone, but the focus is on you as a family. Whether you are first time parents adjusting to having this new little life to take care of, or seasoned parents welcoming a new addition, that transition time is so beautiful and sweet and worth documenting. The way siblings peek inside the crib, those first cautious snuggles of your baby in their brand new room…it all tells a story, about who you are and who you are becoming.

Temecula newborn photography

2. You don’t have to leave the house.

If you’re anything like me, the thought of putting on REAL clothes and trying to put baby in the car seat were too much to bear in those early days! It was all so new and so intimidating. Having your session in the comfort of your home ensures that you feel as relaxed as possible – and so is baby! I have also found that siblings who may be struggling a bit with the transition really enjoy getting to show me around their house! I always like to take a little time to focus on the sibling alone, so they know how special they are and can have my undivided attention for a few minutes to tell me about their sibling or their room or their favorite toy.

3. It’s timeless.

Lifestyle photography documents your life just as it was. It captures your real memories and your real life, and preserves it forever. While other trends may come and go, your memories of these moments will last.

4. It’s flexible!

Let’s face it, birth and those early days with your new baby may not go as planned. With posed newborn photography, it’s very important to do the session within a set time period of baby’s birth, so that they are as sleepy as possible. With lifestyle newborn sessions, the age of the baby really doesn’t matter because we will be capturing your interactions. If your baby is awake the whole session, no problem! With a lifestyle session, there’s no rush to get things done if you feel you need a little extra time after birth and coming home.

5. It captures your beautiful connection.

This is my favorite part of lifestyle newborn photography. There are few things more beautiful or emotional than the bond between a parent and their newborn baby, and lifestyle newborn photography allows me to capture that spectacular and intimate connection. It seems impossible when you first bring them home, but all too soon they will be crawling and walking and talking. With lifestyle newborn photography, we can freeze these precious moments for you to remember forever.